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React SDK

The Jitsi Meet React SDK provides the same user experience as the Jitsi Meet app, in a customizable way which you can embed in your apps.


React 16 or higher is required.

Sample application using the SDK

If you want to see how easy integrating the Jitsi Meet React SDK into a React application is, take a look at our example.


To access the React SDK modules in your application you need to install it as a dependency:

npm install @jitsi/react-sdk


The SDK exposes two components with similar properties, intended for different use-cases.


To be used with custom domains as-it-is in React projects:

domain = { YOUR_DOMAIN }
roomName = "PleaseUseAGoodRoomName"
configOverwrite = {{
startWithAudioMuted: true,
disableModeratorIndicator: true,
startScreenSharing: true,
enableEmailInStats: false
interfaceConfigOverwrite = {{
userInfo = {{
displayName: 'YOUR_USERNAME'
onApiReady = { (externalApi) => {
// here you can attach custom event listeners to the Jitsi Meet External API
// you can also store it locally to execute commands
} }
getIFrameRef = { (iframeRef) => { = '400px'; } }

Properties specific to the JitsiMeeting component

  • domain: Optional. Field used to retrieve the external_api.js file that initializes the IFrame. If omitted, defaults to


To be used with the domain as-it-is in React projects:

appId = { YOUR_APP_ID }
roomName = "PleaseUseAGoodRoomName"
jwt = { YOUR_VALID_JWT }
configOverwrite = {{
disableThirdPartyRequests: true,
disableLocalVideoFlip: true,
backgroundAlpha: 0.5
interfaceConfigOverwrite = {{
spinner = { SpinnerView }
onApiReady = { (externalApi) => { ... } }

...or with the domain:

appId = { YOUR_APP_ID }
roomName = "PleaseUseAGoodRoomName"
useStaging = { true }

Properties specific to the JaaSMeeting component

  • appId: Required. Provides an isolated context and prefixes the room name.
  • useStaging: Optional. Tells whether to use the staging environment or not.

Common properties

The component modules support a similar kind of customization to the Jitsi Meet IFrame. The following properties can be passed down to your instances of JitsiMeeting or JaaSMeeting.

  • roomName: Required. The name of the room to join.

  • configOverwrite: Optional. The JS object with overrides for options defined in the config.js file.

  • interfaceConfigOverwrite: Optional. The JS object with overrides for options defined in the interface_config.js file.

  • jwt: Optional. The JWT token.

  • invitees: Optional. Object arrays that contain information about participants invited to a call.

  • devices: Optional. Information map about the devices used in a call.

  • userInfo: Optional. The JS object that contains information about the participant starting the meeting (e.g., email).

  • release: Optional. Information regarding the or release version. Expects the following format: release-1234.

  • spinner: Optional. The custom spinner to be displayed while the IFrame is loading.

  • onApiReady: Optional. The external API reference for events and commands.

  • onReadyToClose: Optional. The callback for when the meeting is ready to be closed.

  • getIFrameRef: Optional. The parent node used by the IFrame.