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Jitsi Meet

State-of-the-art video conferencing you can self-host.

What is Jitsi?

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Hey there Fellow Jitster!

Jitsi Meet is a set of Open Source projects which empower users to deploy secure, scalable and easy to use video conferencing platforms with state-of-the-art video quality and features.

On This site you'll find documentation for all your Jitsi needs.

Get started here.

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Batteries included

Jitsi Meet supports all common browsers and also mobile devices.

Our APIs allow developers to easily integrate Jitsi Meet into existing applications, whether those are web based or native mobile apps.

You can use our freely available instance at or self-host it yourself using our readily available Debian packages or comprehensive Docker setup.

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JaaS: Jitsi as a Service

Looking for configuration flexibility without the complexity of self-hosting and scalability management?

Look no further than JaaS. 8x8 Jitsi as a Service (JaaS) is an enterprise-ready video meeting platform that allows developers, organizations and businesses to easily build and deploy video solutions. With Jitsi as a Service we now give you all the power of Jitsi running on our global platform so you can focus on building secure and branded video experiences.

Check JaaS out here.