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Join by using a Jitsi link

People can invite each other to Jitsi meetings by simply sending a link.

  1. If you have received such an invite link from a trusted source, copy it into your browser's address bar and press Enter / Return.
  2. Your browser may first ask you to grant microphone and/or camera access. If you trust the person who invited you, confirm this access request. Please refer to the browser's documentation for details (e.g. Firefox, Chrome).
  3. If prompted, enter a name, which will be visible to other participants in the Jitsi Meeting room.
  4. (Optional) Adjust the camera and/or microphone settings via the v dropdown menu items.
  5. Click on Join meeting.
  6. If your meeing is taking place on and you are the first to join you will be asked to authenticate or wait for a moderator. You can authenticate with a Google, Facebook or GitHub account.