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User Guide (advanced)

There are some options to tweak the invitation link to unlock more features in Jitsi. The following parameters apply to the web, iframe and mobile version.

All keys listed here are prefixed with config.. You pick a key, combine it with its value using = and link parameters with &, e.g. #config.defaultLanguage=en&config.minParticipants=3.


These parameters affect how you can invite people either before or within a session.

disableInviteFunctionstruedisable invite function of the app
minParticipants2override the minimum number of participants before starting a call
prejoinConfig.enabledtrueshow an intermediate page before joining to allow for adjustment of devices


These parameters have an effect on the user interface.

defaultLanguageenchange the UI default language
disableThirdPartyRequeststruegenerate avatars locally and disable callstats integration
enableDisplayNameInStatstruesend display names of participants to callstats
enableEmailInStatstruesend email (if available) to callstats and other analytics
enableInsecureRoomNameWarningtrueshow a warning label if the room name is deemed insecure


Use these parameters to influence the video of a session.

desktopSharingFrameRate.min5override the minimum framerate for desktop sharing
desktopSharingFrameRate.max5override the maximum framerate for desktop sharing
startWithVideoMutedtruedisable video when joining


Use these parameters to influence the audio of a session.

disableAudioLevelstruedisable audio statistics polling (thereby perhaps improving performance)
disableRemoteMutetruedisable all muting operations of remote participants
startWithAudioMutedtrueturn off audio input when joining
startSilenttruemute audio input and output