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Release notes for Jitsi Meet are kept here.

Mobile apps

AndroidAndroid (F-Droid)iOS

Beta versions

If you are feeling adventurous and want to get an early scoop of the features as they are being developed you can also sign up for our open beta testing here:

Play Store BetaTestFlight

Desktop apps

WindowsmacOSGNU/Linux (AppImage)GNU/Linux (Deb)

The desktop applications are based on Electron. For macOS, it is also available as a brew cask which can be installed using brew install jitsi-meet.

Mobile SDKs

Maven repositoryCocoaPods

Docker images

See the Docker image releases here.

Debian/Ubuntu packages

Web frontend

Latest stable releaserelease

Prebuilt source builds are also available.


Generally, you won't need to download this, as it's part of the Debian packages and Docker images already.