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Configuring a video SIP gateway

This document describes how you can configure jitsi-meet to use sipgw jibri and enable rooms in 'Add people dialog' You will need a working deployment of jibri configured to use a regular sip video device, for more info check out the jibri documentation.

This feature is available for non-guests of the system, so this relies on setting in config.js enableUserRolesBasedOnToken: true and providing a jwt token when accessing the conference.

  • Jicofo configuration: edit /etc/jitsi/jicofo/ (or similar), set the appropriate MUC to look for the Jibri Controllers. This should be the same MUC as is referenced in jibri's config.json file. Restart Jicofo after setting this property.
  • Jitsi Meet configuration:
  • config.js: add
  enableUserRolesBasedOnToken: true,
peopleSearchQueryTypes: ['conferenceRooms'],
peopleSearchUrl: '',

The combination of the above settings and providing a jwt token will enable a button under invite option which will show the dialog 'Add people'.

People search service

When searching in the dialog, a request for results is made to the peopleSearchUrl service.

The request is in the following format:[%22conferenceRooms%22]&jwt=somejwt

The parameters are:

  • query - The text entered by the user.
  • queryTypes - What type of results we want people, rooms, conferenceRooms. This is the value from config.js peopleSearchQueryTypes
  • jwt - The token used by the user to access the conference.

The response of the service is a json in the following format:

"id": "",
"name": "Some room name",
"type": "videosipgw"
"id": "",
"name": "Some room name2",
"type": "videosipgw"

Type should be videosipgw, name is the name shown to the user and id is the sip address to be called by the sipgw jibri.