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Setting up Google sign-in integration

  • Create a Firebase project here: You'll need a signed Android build for that, that can be a debug self-signed build too, just retrieve the signing hash. The key hash of an already signed ap can be obtained as follows (on macOS): keytool -list -printcert -jarfile the-app.apk
  • Place the generated google-services.json file in android/app for Android and the GoogleService-Info.plist into ios/app for iOS (you can stop at that step, no need for the driver and the code changes they suggest in the wizard).
  • You may want to exclude these files in YOUR GIT config (do not exclude them in the .gitignore of the application itself!).
  • Your web client ID is auto generated during the Firebase project creation. Find them in the Google Developer console (
  • Make sure your config reflects this ID by setting googleApiApplicationClientID in config.js.
  • Add your iOS client ID (the REVERSED_CLIENT_ID in the plist file) as an application URL schema into ios/app/src/Info.plist (replacing placeholder).
  • Enable YouTube API access on the developer console (see above) to enable live streaming.