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Modifying lib-jitsi-meet

By default the library is referenced as a prebuilt artifact in a GitHub release. Packages are NOT published to npm. The default dependency path in package.json is:

"lib-jitsi-meet": "<version>+<commit-hash>/lib-jitsi-meet.tgz)",

To work with local copy you may change the path to:

"lib-jitsi-meet": "file:///Users/name/local-lib-jitsi-meet-packed-copy.tgz",

In order to create the packed file run npm pack in the lib-jitsi-meet project directory.

To make the project you must force it to take the sources as 'npm update':

npm install lib-jitsi-meet --force && make

Or if you are making only changes to the library:

npm install lib-jitsi-meet --force && make deploy-lib-jitsi-meet

Alternative way is to use npm link. It allows to link lib-jitsi-meet dependency to local source in few steps:

cd lib-jitsi-meet

#### create global symlink for lib-jitsi-meet package
npm link

cd ../jitsi-meet

#### create symlink from the local node_modules folder to the global lib-jitsi-meet symlink
npm link lib-jitsi-meet

Linking will not work when building the mobile applications.

After changes in your local lib-jitsi-meet repository, you can rebuild it with npm run build and your jitsi-meet repository will use that modified library:

cd node_modules/lib-jitsi-meet
npm run build

If you do not want to use local repository anymore you should run:

cd jitsi-meet
npm unlink lib-jitsi-meet
npm install