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Third-Party Software

This page contains links to projects around Jitsi Meet, which are not maintained by the Jitsi team.

Please keep this list in alphabetical order.


As these packages are not maintained by the Jitsi team, please ask their respective forums / issue trackers for help if you find issues.

Cketti's Jitsi Hacks

Some extra features using injected scripts.

Flutter plugin

Plugin for Flutter.


Galaxy is a web application for Jitsi admins and users to organize their Jitsi meetings, meeting schedules and attendees. It supports JaaS and self-hosted Jitsi deployments.




This is the version of Galaxy that uses Keycloak as the identity provider.

GStreamer pipelinee integration

Integrate Jitsi Meet conferences with GStreamer pipelines.

Jitok: Jitsi Token generator

Helper web tool and API for generating Jitsi Meet compatible JWT.





An opensource platform to organize your meetings. Includes all function we know from the big conference-tools

  • Plan your Meeting
  • Secure your Meeting with user login credentials
  • Create a Report of each user visiting your conference
  • Creating an appointment poll and transfer it into a conference with one click
  • Dockerised for easy installation




Jitsi Config Differ

Web app to compare reference configs between different Jitsi releases. This aims to help users identify potential changes in config keys and default values when upgrading their deployment.


Jitsi URL Generator

A simple tool to illustrate how URL params can be composed to customise Jitsi. It only exposes a small fraction of what is possible, but should hopefully help build familiarity which users can then apply to other config values in the whitelist.


KeyCloak adapter

Allow Jitsi to use Keycloak as an identity and OIDC provider.

KeyCloak integration

Integration of KeyCloak for authentication.

Outlook Plugin

Plugin for Adding a "Schedule Jitsi Meeting" Button to Microsoft Outlook.


Outlook Pluigin

Plugin for Adding a "Schedule Jitsi Meeting" Button to Microsoft Outlook. Written according to Microsoft's modern architecture.


Prosody Plugins

Collection of community-contributed prosody plugins that can be added to self-hosted Jitsi deployments.

  • event_sync: Sends HTTP POST to external API when occupant or room events are triggered.
  • frozen_nick: Prevents users from changing their display name if JWT auth is used and name is provided in token context.
  • jibri_autostart: Automatically starts recording when the moderator enters the room.
  • lobby_autostart: Automatically enables lobby for all rooms.
  • per_room_max_occupants: Set different max occupants based on room name and subdomain.
  • secure_domain_lobby_bypass: Allows secure domain authenticated users to bypass lobby.
  • time_restricted: Sets a time limit on rooms and terminates the conference when the time is up.
  • token_affiliation: Promotes users to moderators based on affiliation property in token (JWT).
  • token_lobby_bypass: Enables some users to bypass lobby based on a flag in token (JWT).
  • token_lobby_ondemand: Activates lobby based on a flag in token (JWT).
  • token_owner_party: Prevents unauthorized users from create a room and terminates the conference when the owner leaves.

SAML to Jitsi JWT Authentification

Intergration of SAML authentification with Shibboleth for a Jitsi Meet JWT generator.


Unity plugin

Plugin for using lib-jitsi-meet in a Unity environment (WebGL).

Plugin for using lib-jitsi-meet in a Unity environment (Android and iOS).