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Breakout rooms


Jitsi Meet now has native support for breakout rooms. You can see it in action here. This page is kept here for historical purposes and will receive no further updates.

Jitsi does not natively support breakout rooms (e.g. see #4787 and #5550); however there are various solutions for this functionality built on top of Jitsi:

NameLicenseCost modelAdmin can move participantsComments
"DIY" - manually combine Jitsi with other comms toolsDepends on what you useDepends on what you useNoNot a great solution, since no native integration; everyone needs to follow a pre-agreed workflow and which Jitsi rooms to use, e.g.<eventname>-<roomname>
VeertlyApache 2.0Cannot currently be self-hosted as it requires firebase (also SaaS - free for now?)NoTry the online demo
Wurk.appApache 2.0Open SourceYesOriginal comment Uses a Main room. The meeting host can add unlimited other rooms and move web-based participants to them. Moving participants away from the main room is not yet supported on mobile. Supports timeboxes and broadcast messages. Meeting hosts can unmute / mute others. Wurk uses a self hosted Jitsi meet installation
VideoFacilitatorProprietary SaaSSubscription (see pricing)?Issues with navigating rooms on mobile?
Plugin for Openfire MeetingsApache 2.0Free (self-hosting)?More info here